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Monday, July 27, 2015

3 Shower Tips For Senior Safety In Fountain Valley

Part of growing older is accepting the fact that certain experiences we once found so simple are no longer so. Perhaps one of the leading examples of this is bathing, and more specifically, showering.

A-1 Home Care in Fountain Valley knows the importance of senior safety and how it pertains to bathing care and other personal services. Take a look below at three noteworthy shower safety tips for seniors:

  1. Make Shower Floors Sticky. One of the scariest parts about taking a shower for seniors is often the potential of slipping and being injured. Invest in adhesive traction grippers for the shower, which give increased traction on the wet, slippery shower floors that so often are the cause of senior injuries today. 
  2. Prepare Shower Water Temperature. Because the elderly don't adjust to changes in temperature as readily as they used to, it's important that their shower water's temperature be tested before they're already rubba-dub-dubbing. Allow the water to run for a couple minutes to get warm before seniors step into the shower.
  3. Invest In A Built-In Shower Seat. Why do people who are sitting down never fall down? Because they're already down, of course! Having a seat in the shower gives seniors more confidence that the risk of falling and hurting themselves is no longer relevant, allowing them to stay clean without having to approach the shower like they think it is their last one.
For more information about the senior care solutions offered right here in Orange County, call one of the A-1 Home Care care givers today at (949) 650-3800 or (562) 929-8400. A-1 Home Care is also proud to provide its elder care services to cities in Los Angeles, including Hollywood, Beverly Hills, MalibuMonrovia, and La Mirada.